C2C: The Life of Abraham

Mar 8, 2024    Youth Pastor KK

Welcome to our Fifth Lesson of our new Curriculum "C2C" ... The Life Of Abraham!

There is a reason they call Abraham the father of our faith. His story has faith, hope, righteousness, courage, and blessings. Abraham’s story also includes lying and unwise decisions that plague us “common” Christian’s today. It’s both encouraging and a blessing to see that our Father of the faith had issues that he had to work out. This theme can help our teens see that just because they made a mistake – doesn’t disqualify them, just like it didn’t with Abraham and his family that came after him.


o God calls “Abram” (Ch. 12)

o Abram lies about Sarai (Ch. 12)

o Abram and Lot separate/Abram saves Lot (Ch. 13 & 14)

o Abram promised an heir and covenant with God (Ch. 15) o Abram, Sarai, Hagar and Ishmael. (Ch. 16)

o Abram and Sarai become Abraham and Sarah (Ch. 17)

o Heavenly Visitation – promised son through sarah (Ch. 18) o Birth of Isaac (Ch. 21)

o God test Abraham w/ Isaac. (Ch. 22)