Jose & Toni Boveda

Head Pastors

Pastors Jose and Toni Boveda have been in full time ministry here in Las Vegas since 1980.  Pastors were the founders of the Mizpah Boy’s Home, a fully staffed live-in children’s program for twelve years that touched over 600 families in the community.  It was one of the most successful children’s program in the state of Nevada.
Pastors Jose and Toni founded My Father’s House in 1988 and are both ordained by Christian International Ministries Network under Bishop Bill Hamon.  My Father’s House oversees both local and international ministries.
My Father’s House desire is to be involved within our community, to partner with others to bring salvation and help meet the spiritual and physical needs of everyone we meet.  Our goal is that You Would Experience God, that You Learn To Be Taught By God, and then for You To Give Back To God.

Tony & Connie Gandulla

Associate Pastors

Associate Pastors Tony and Connie Gandulla have been in ministry with Pastors Jose and Toni Boveda since the mid 80’s with the Mizpah Program as well as My Father’s House.  Prior to becoming Associate Pastors Tony and Connie were the Youth Pastors at My Father’s House for over 20 years.  Tony had worked with the State of Mental Health for 20 years and is now working with the County.  Connie has worked for the last 20 years with the County, and currently holds the position of an Executive Management Assistant.

David & Joyce Willcox

Children's Church Pastors

Pastors David and Joyce Willcox have been serving as Children's Church Pastors since 2013. Pastors David and Joyce were mentored by the Senior Pastors, Pastors Jose and Toni Boveda, for many years before stepping into the position of Children's Church Pastors. Every Sunday morning the children enjoy a Bible lesson taught by a team of loving and well-trained teachers who make the experience fun and meaningful.
The goal of My Father's House Children's Ministry (known as The Little Warriors) is for children to grow strong in God and live victoriously. We meet this goal by:
1) leading children to know God personally;
2) to show children what God's Word says about who they are in Christ;
3) prepare a fun, safe classroom; and
4) foster open and positive relationships with children's parents and guardians.

Kevin & Maribel Kelley

Youth Pastors

Kevin and Maribel initially met in 2007 while working for the city of Henderson, where they worked with the youth for over 10 years. In 2014 they began courting each other and married in 2015.  
They've always had a passion for working with youth/teens, and started volunteering in the youth ministry in 2016. Three years later in the summer of 2019, they were chosen to be the new youth pastors of Rise Up Youth Ministry  They both cherish the opportunity given to them by the lord to help bring up the next generation!

Jerome & Darlet Bledsoe 

Fine Arts Pastors

Jerome and Darlet  serve as the Pastors of fine arts and assist in the children's ministry. They have both attended the church for well over 20 years,  and served in the Air Force.

"With all we have witnessed in our own lives, how the Lord Jesus provides, cares for, protects and directs lives, we are excited for what Jesus has planned for the future. Be bold and be strong, for Our God is truly with us!