Trouble seeing an Archived Video

Good Afternoon, if you are trying to see an archived video and it’s not coming on please let us know either by the church’s Facebook or by leaving a comment on this section. We are sorry for the inconvenience please check back in, we will have it back up and running as soon as possible. Thank You


  1. Mary Ann and Michael Faieta says:

    Yes, I have been having trouble getting the video on the past 2-3 Sundays. I enjoy listening to Pastor Jose, and you learn more the 2nd time around. These videos means a lot and it will bring more people to the church by getting on the website. Thank You

  2. I know there was some problems viewing the Archived Messages this last week, I apologize for that, there shouldn’t be any problems now. Again if a issuse should arise please comment. Thank You and God Bless You !

    • Mary Ann Faieta says:

      Destiny, the live feed for Sun service, isn’t working. For when we can’t make it, and want to watch at home, as it’s going on.

      Also, when these videos are in the Archives, a download button would be nice, to download them on computers, for ipods. Too easily show others, in getting more people to come to My Father’s House. I don’t agree with DVDs, as it’s easier to show people on an Ipod, rather than searching for a DVD player, to play it on. It’s easier for me, to show them on an ipod, to people. This means MP4. The downloads must be in this format.

      • Thank you for the suggestion, that is something we will be doning in the next two months. We are still new to the this broadcasting system and it will take some time to add all the extra thing that we have already planned to add.

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